In the past, if you needed a power drill (and weren’t a professional carpenter), you just went to your local hardware store and compared the three different models they had before buying whichever one was the best deal. Times have changed though, and with improving battery technology it’s a lot easier and cheaper to find a good cordless drill than it ever has been. Of course, this technological advancement has brought more and more products that simply didn’t exist before – one of which is the impact driver.

For all intents and purposes, an impact driver bears a striking resemblance to a modern cordless drill. Don’t mistake them for being one and the same though, because they aren’t exactly the same in form or function. An impact driver is designed for inserting screws more accurately and quickly than any other method, but uses the same sort of rotating head that drills traditionally use. Impact drivers utilise percussive blows (which are noticeable as a loud, repetitive clicking noise when the tool is in use) to help guide a screw without the need to apply any pressure on the screw. This makes them great for inserting screws in otherwise tough surfaces and won’t wear your arm out, but it also means that an impact driver isn’t the most useful power tool for drilling accurate and precise holes. Essentially, an impact driver is a power screwdriver which can accept a limited array of drill bits – limited because it only accepts 1/4” hex bits unlike a traditional drill.

Today’s cordless drills look almost identical to most impact drivers, to the point that you might get the impression that impact drivers have rendered power drills obsolete – after all, they both have rotating heads and so on. But power drills are far from obsolete: since they lack the percussive blows of impact drivers, which makes them far more accurate for drilling holes. The other major difference is of course that drills use a chuck rather than a hex shank, so you can pretty much insert any bit you like in any standard power drill. Even if you go out and buy a cordless power drill today, that box of drill bits that you inherited from your grandfather’s toolbox will still work with it and you won’t have to invest in a new set.

Essentially the choice between an impact driver and a cordless drill comes down to use cases more than anything else – if you’ve got a project where you’ll be driving a lot of screws then an impact driver is the way to go, but drills offer a lot more versatility and of course can be used with most drill bits. The two tools aren’t mutually exclusive though, and some people may find that they need both to do their work most efficiently. That being said, the gap is closing and there are now drill chucks available on the market which are made to use in impact drivers.

Cordless Drill Buying Guide

Cordless drills-the wave of the present. Consumers, the future is here! Cordless technology is very quickly changing the world forever. Gone are those long, messy cords, which often got in the way and people tripped over. Now, you can use a cordless drill with the greatest of ease.

Perhaps, dear consumer, you are part of the ever-growing numbers of those who are throwing away their old, cumbersome drill and begin to see the practicality and convenience of using a cordless drill. If you are, then it’s never been easier to search for such state-of-the-art drills than ever before: by means of the Internet.

Yes, the Internet, that modern-day technological miracle, is helping millions, yes, billions, to access information as never before. So now you don’t have to go far to access whatever it is you’re looking for, all you need to have is either a home computer, a laptop, or a tablet and you’re in business. You can also access buying guides online as well. You can look at the wide range of drills online at various models, sizes and prices ranges at your comfort and leisure.

You can size up which power drills are the best ones for you and that can fit your budget, and you can take your time, unlike in a appliance store or department store, where you may feel rushed and hurried. Yes, the future is here, and it’s in the palm of your hand, quite literally, all you have to do is click it. And you have a such a wide variety of choices and price ranges than you could have ever imagined.

So, while it’s still on your mind, why not go online now and see how easy it can be to find and purchase that cordless drill of your dreams. Do it today!