Most people see significant increases to their costs during the hot and cold months as they spend significant amounts of money cooling or heating their homes. Summer is particularly challenging as people often run their air conditioners all day and incur significant costs when doing so. If you live in extreme environments this is likely inevitable but in most areas there are many ways to avoid these higher costs to cool your home, yet still be comfortable.

Condition Yourself for Hotter Temperatures

If you are uncomfortable in the heat, then you may want to consider changing your lifestyle to reduce your dependence on air conditioning. If you spend every waking moment of your life in an air-conditioned environment your body will become used to these colder temperatures and you will feel uncomfortable without it. Instead, slowly increase the temperature of your home and reduce the air conditioning until you feel more comfortable.

Further, select clothing that better allows you to breath in hot weather and dress appropriately for the season. Spend time outdoors and avoid always being in air-conditioned environments. This can be challenging for those who work in offices that use heavy air conditioning units, but simple life changes can be a real difference maker. In addition, try using fans as a cost-effective way to cool your home.

Address Landscape Problems in Your Home

Simple changes to your home’s landscape can be an effective way to cool your home in an affordable way. See if there are parts of your home that get hot and consider planting trees to cover up the sunlight and naturally cool your home. Keep in mind the direction that your home is facing, with southern facing windows being the hottest. Plant a tree or have a natural barrier like a rock wall to block the sun and cool your home. Once you have a tree planted the benefits will accrue without added cost.

Also make sure that your air conditioning unit, if you have central air, is not obstructed by foliage which can prevent the circulation of air. The vents of your outdoor air conditioning unit can easily be clogged with debris and can lead to inefficient usage. Remove nearby trees or bushes and keep the unit clean for more efficient usage.

Remodeling Your Home for Cooling Your Home Affordably

Many people believe that double pained windows are only effective in reducing your heating costs by keeping hot air trapped in side your home. They are also effective keeping your home cool by preventing the loss of cooled air. Installed double pained windows in your home for more efficient cooling.

During winter months search for areas of your home that become drafty as this is the easiest way to identify spots of your home that aren’t well-insulated. Like your windows, insulation helps to not only keep cold air out during the winter, but also to retain cold air during the summer. Fix these poorly insulated parts of your home and reduce your cooling costs dramatically.

Have Your Air Conditioning Unit Inspected Once a Year

Bring in an HVAC specialist to inspect your cooling system before the season starts. Having an annual maintenance contract can be a real money saver if you have an older unit and many include a free annual inspection. The HVAC specialist can help to recommend changes to your setup which can save you money in the long term on your cooling costs. Finally, be sure to replace your central air filters once a year.

While the costs of cooling your home can be expensive and are sometimes unavoidable l, taking certain steps can help to reduce these cooling costs dramatically. Preparing and conditioning your body for colder temperatures and dressing accordingly is important, but so is adjusting the interior and exterior of your home by engaging in projects to make your air conditioning system more efficient and effective. With these changes your home will be cooler at a lower cost and you can save on cooling costs without suffering during the summer.