This is where you will learn what dads want you to know about pregnancy from their perspective now that they have kids.

1. She Needs Support For Her Cravings

We make fun of cravings all the time, but you need to support your lady when she wants to eat certain things. She cannot help it, and you just have to get her the food she wants at that time. The cravings might pass, and that is alright, as well.

2. Her Back Will Hurt

You can take all the following steps to help her with backpain because her body does not normally support that much weight.

  • Get a special pillow for her
  • Get a long pillow that helps straighten her back
  • Get a wrap around pillow for back pain
  • Get a heating pad for her back

3. Go To The Doctor

All the things that your lady hears at the doctor are things you need to know. She can relay them to you, but it makes more sense if you are going to the doctor and hearing all this for yourself.

4. She Cannot Help Her Mood

Ladies who are pregnant cannot control their hormones because their bodies will produce them on their own. You cannot act like she is being crazy. She feels what she feels when she feels it. The only way to help is to allow her to have feelings and validate them as much as you can.

5. It Is Tiring

Having a pregnant wife or girlfriend is tiring for both of you. Obviously, she is more tired than you could ever be, but she will be so tired that it makes you feel tired, as well. It is ok to be worn out when you are living with someone who is pregnant, but you need to be sure that you have a way of helping her get to bed on a regular schedule. You need to do the same.

6. The Seasons Change

Your lady could be burning up one minute, but she will be freezing the next. A pregnancy takes so long that the seasons will change, and you need to be prepared to help her with her clothing. A woman who is cold right now needs a new sweater or thick pants. However, a woman who hot in the winter needs to be respected because she cannot help the fact that her body is making her feel this way.

7. You Need Pain Meds

You need to be sure that you always ask your lady if she wants to have a pain medication before she goes to bed. Doctors will let pregnant women take low doses of something like Advil, but you need to be sure you have it on hand because she could get headaches and other pains she never had before.

8. Have A Plan

Have a plan for when she goes into labor, and you have to follow it to the letter. You need to make sure that you write down that plan so that you can follow it when she goes into labor. You have to be the one to follow the plan. She is in too much pain for that.

9. Be Supportive

You need to adopt a supportive tone and attitude. Just give your lady the idea that you will support her in any way that she wants. There are many people who will need that support when in labor and in pain.

Take each of these nine things to heart so that you can do a better job when your wife or girlfriend is pregnant.