Most of us parents have too much trouble making the most of our holidays due to the constant demands that they come with, like shopping, entertaining, cleaning after the kids, wrapping gifts, cooking and even going to work. Holidays for most parents, moms especially, can leave you exhausted and dreading them all together.

Luckily, here are some pretty simple ways that you can apply to manage your holiday to- do list and get to celebrate the joy of the holidays;

Go through your list and delegate all the tasks that your children can manage. They can help with putting up Christmas decorations, as they tend to be too enthusiastic about holiday decor compared to adults!

All kids, from toddlers to teenagers, love the mixing, the measuring and the involvement that comes with baking; there are tons of recipes on the internet –both for younger and older children- that they can attempt.

You can hold a cupcake or/and cookie decorating competition too. Get the kids to take part in baking a bunch of cupcakes and cookies, then offer them with different icing colors, sprinkles and lollies and let them engage their imagination. You’ll be utterly surprised at their creativity.

Get them also, to help in cleaning, vacuuming and arranging the house to ensure everything is in perfect order before the festivities.

Kids love creating homemade gifts and decorations. They love making them; parents love getting them. DIY gifts hold more meaning to some people, so their efforts will be really appreciated. Your kids will love decorating the tree with handmade ornaments as well as dressing up the front door with an ingenious wreath, and giving cute DIY gifts to friends and loved ones.

They can also help in gift wrapping and putting holiday gift cards into envelopes.

Get your relatives, as well as friends, to bake and exchange pastries for more variety. This takes away the great effort that goes into baking different types of cakes, pies, cookies, and so on.

Make shopping easier, by engaging your partner and children in the shopping trips. Agree on, and split the shopping list among yourselves, so that each family member can go find different items, without having to look for each item together or by yourself. This saves you a lot of headache and time consumed. Younger kids can look for easy-to-find items.

Accept help! “Hand over some control around the household chores especially in the kitchen. When extended family members and friends come to visit, have the “Why Yes, You Can Help Me” bowl all set.

To prepare it, write all the unfinished tasks on strips of paper and stuff them into the bowl. Whenever friends want to offer a helping hand, just point them to the direction of the bowl.

  1. You can organize little competitions, -If you’re the competitive type- to see who can speed through their duties fast and reward the winner with a cool gift of their choice. Bring cookies, cocoa or tea, and a fun music playlist to spice things up and motivate them as they go about their activities.
  2. Whatever it is that you engage your family in, do it for the memories. Ensure that you make it fun and unforgettable. Remember that you’re also creating an opportunity to instill some important values such as discipline, team work and responsibility, so make it amazing for them.

Work with your children’s natural, intrinsic drive to be productive and strike things off your holiday to-do list with these achievable and fun ways to take pressure off your shoulders. This way, everyone gets involved, has fun and creates priceless memories while avoiding unnecessary meltdowns.

Holidays should be fun and magical, not a cause for anxiety and burnouts.