Make the most out of a small foyer

Not all residences have grand entry ways but this does not mean that a tight space can make a big impression. City dwellers as well as those who reside in condos, townhouses and even some older more vintage homes may all experience dull entry ways. There are several simple design methods that can be utilized to improve the first impression of a residence.

How can you brighten up a dark entry way?

If you reside in a older home with a boxy floor plan you may experience a dark and tight entry way. The easiest way to brighten this area can be achieved in two simple steps.

  • Install or update electrical lighting
  • Incrase natural lighting

Achieving these two is relatively simple. If you have a heavy wood door you can purchase a new door with a build in window. This will allow more natural light to shine through. Natural light will instantly brighten a dark space and create the appearance of more square footage. If a home has a small light in the entry way that provides little light the fix is simple. Installing a new light with a more transparent bulb covering will illuminate the space more effectively.

Now that the entry way is bright and airy how should it be decorated?

Each home owner has their own design style and it is important to stay true to your favorite designs. There are several options available to provide style and functionality.

  • Install shelves
  • Hang a mirror
  • Hang a coat rack
  • Utilize wall sconces

Upon entering your home you may notice the need for a place to set keys, wallets, purses or other items down. Depending upon your space you have two choices. A traditional slim table with a decorative catch all will provide function and style. If you would prefer to keep the floor space clear a floating shelf would be ideal. If you decide to utilize a table there are options that provide storage solutions as well as design.

Considering a table that has a built in shelf under for shoe and purse storage is a multifunctional design. Hanging a stylish mirror will make the area seem larger than it actually is and it will reflect the natural and electrical light in the space to better illuminate the foyer. Mirrors do not have to be basic; many have beautiful frames and provide a pop of style to a dull area. If you do not have a traditional light fixture mounted on the ceiling you may want to consider stylish wall sconces.

There are so many designs that come with colorful glass accent shades. These sconces will provide color, dimension and added light to brighten up the small space. If you do not have a coat closet you may want to consider a stylish wall mountable coat rack. This will provide your guests with a place to hang their jackets and provide the space with another decorative accent. the entry way is bright and airy how should it be decorated?

Additional style suggestions to spruce up a small foyer

Once you have brightened up the entry way with more lighting and decided upon your furniture accent pieces there are a few other choices you can make to add some style to the space. A bright and fun welcome mat can be quirky and fun or traditional. This is a piece that each home owner can pick out based on their own likes. Another way to brighten up an entry way or add character is with paint. Stark white walls can seem drab but dark walls can make the space feel closed off. Selecting a nice natural tone will bring warmth to the space.

The foyer is one of the most visited locations in a home. By following these basic design ideas many home owners will be able to experience a warm and inviting entry way.