Most people dream of buying their dream home at some point in their life. However, if you are not so fortunate to purchase your dream home and purchase a piece of property that may need to be remodeled like a fixer upper it does not have to be hard work or even a stressful process. Take for example the kitchen area in a home. For some this area is dedicated to unwind after a long days works by opening a bottle of wine or having quiet time while preparing a meal. A kitchen area that needs to be remodeled will only be successful when a clear understanding of the mistakes that need to be avoided are aware. Knowing these time consuming mistakes will indeed save you energy and money in the long run.

The first mistake people make is having to much space in their kitchen area. Having to much space can be a burden for some if they don’t know what to do with it or allow it to not be beneficial in their meal preparation times. When preparing a meal feeling like you are running around due to having your appliances to far away and not within steps of one another will indeed waste your valuable time. Bigger is not always better especially in this case. As the sink, fridge, and oven will be your go to appliances make the most of your time and cut down on space.

The second mistake to totally avoid when remodeling is having narrow and short walkways. Planning and having ample space for other people and visitors will help you avoid accidents while carrying objects around like dishes, meals, and utensils. Spilling some gravy while getting to the table because of narrow walkways can and should be avoided at all costs. A great design tip is to expand your ceilings. This will give a customized architectural look, designing your kitchen space with uniqueness and poise.

Wiggle room is necessary in a kitchen especially for a professional cook. Space needs to be ample in order for other appliances such as the microwaves and dishwashers to perform at its optimal level of function. Drawers and oven doors should be able to open easily and not interfere with any other objects. By not measuring for proper use you avoid appliance mishaps in your kitchen.

As the kitchen is a famous family room for some where families come to eat dinner and talk about there day, don’t make the mistake of only thinking of food when remodeling. It is important to think of remodeling for ample space for others to join while you cook. Make it comfortable and cozy for your family, children, and guests to enjoy. Some would suggest 60 inches between your preparation area and people comfort.

Last but not least always think about the end result when remodling your kitchen. Have questions written down that you can research and answer. For example, will this be the home you intend to live in forever? Are you looking to sell the property in a few years? Does the kitchen area need to be expanded for certain family gathering etc? The hardest mistake most homewowners make is losing the sense of form, balance, and versatility in their kitchens projects. Be decisive in all of your ideas and avoid theses common mistakes in this blog. In doing so your kitchen should maximize and increase you initial investment. No matter if you are planning to stay in your home for the long haul or a possible real estate sale, you can customize and remodel your dream kitchen with ease and awareness of these mistakes.