Homemade Drinks: Fresh as Bar Drinks

Nobody enjoys a watered-down drink because it is, simply, a big disappointment. A homemade drink ought to taste as fresh as a bar drink. It should not boast of water. Everyone can enjoy the full and robust flavor of the drink. A fresh and enjoyable drink will be made when the right size piece of ice is included. Did you know that ice melt can really ruin your “homemade” drink? There is a solution for avoiding watered-down drinks. Keep reading and discover, for yourself, how to create fresh drinks right at home. Homemade drinks can, truly, taste as fresh as the bar drinks.

Ice Balls add Freshness

Keep in mind, any ice served in a bar has a clear design. It is, actually designed to fill a glass. The idea is to utilize the maximum capacity. The bar ice is, also, designed to keep everything cooler for longer periods of time. Preventing the ice from melting quickly is part of the overall design. The original cube, in most home freezers, does not really add efficiency in terms of the shape of a glass. Thus, ice will melt at a faster pace. A giant ice ball will be perfect for drinking straight liquor. This is on the rocks. A giant ice ball will add freshness to the following drinks:

  • mixed drinks (include the Black Russian)
  • iced coffee
  • milk drinks
  • cream drinks

The average ice ball is usually under two inches in diameter. This size will fit into almost any highball or lowball glass. it may not, however, fit into a Collins glass. It is useful if your glass has a wide rim. A glass that tapers inward at the rim is not, necessarily, going to work. The ball will usually sit right on the top. You will want to keep in mind, ice balls will work exceptionally well for any party punch because it will be fresh and ice-cold. They add freshness. The giant ice balls are seen as a superior solution for avoiding watered-down drinks.

Making an Ice Ball

The creation of an ice ball is a craft that requires skill. One common practice is to carve an ice ball. This is often done in Japan. The experienced ice ball carver can, actually form a ball in approximately eight minutes. This can be done from a solid brick of ice. The creation of an ice ball does take patience and practice. It may also require quite a large amount of ice. Balloons are also used for making an ice ball. The needed items are:

  • a bag of balloons
  • an empty spot in the freezer (for hanging when filled)
  • one night (time) to form a teardrop-shape ice to completely freeze

The balloon trick had originated from Bobby “G” Gleason. He is known as a Master Mixologist. Ice Ball Molds are, yet, another method used for making ice balls. This is a very easy method for using at home. The home bartender, typically, prefers the use of a mold because they are easy to find and they are very popular among many. There are two options for the mold:

  • aluminum mold/press
  • a plastic mold

If you are a home bartender, you will be glad to know of the methods for making your very own ice ball. The ice ball molds are the top methods for many. The mold seems to be the easiest way to make one. Molds are not difficult to find. Usually, you will be able to find a plastic mold or an aluminum mold.

The plastic Ice Ball Mold

A plastic mold is very economical. They will, usually sell for under 30 dollars. There is one basic design. There is a two-part mold that is filled with water. You can make two balls or up to six balls at a time. A Whiskey Rounders Ice Ball Maker is a logical choice, for many, because it will make up to six balls at the same time. This one has a particularly unique feature. The top molds have the option of being removed if need be. Another popular ice ball maker is called the Charmed Ice Ball Maker. These have a top that connects to every ball. It is wise to remove each of them all at once.

What About Smaller ice Balls?

You might decide to browse online for an ice ball mold. You will want to pay close attention to the actual size of the mold. Keep in mind, there are several molds, trays and presses to choose from. Many of these will only make miniature ice balls. The small ones are rather useful and quite cute for parties and gatherings. The smaller ones have a tendency to melt quicker or just as quickly as the ordinary ice cube. If you opt for a larger ice ball, you can prevent over dilution in your drinks. The larger ones will be approximately two inches. Smaller ice balls are viewed as miniature ice balls.